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“Commander” watch-based Apple Watch will cost 197 000 rubles

On the eve of February 23 the Italian-Russian brand Caviar has presented a unique model of smart hours Apple Watch. Device “‘epoca USSR Commander” offers buyers a special design that combines key features of “those” hours.

Having the capabilities of “smart” hours from Apple, they are a spectacular and precious homage to a legendary Soviet Commander’s watch. For the first time this model was created in 1965 at the “East”, commissioned by the Ministry of defense of the Soviet Union to celebrate the commander’s army. Paying homage to the defenders of the Fatherland, jewelers have created and implemented a special design that combines key features of “those” commander hours.

On one of the housing faces the Apple Watch is inscription “Commander”, made exactly as it was on the dial of watches distinctive in the Soviet Union.

The other facet is marked with five-pointed star, on the control button is located the coat of arms of Russia. Interestingly decorated clasp hours – engraved on it stylistically reproduced the image of the rising sun, which was applied to the back side of the case of the sample in 1965. Series released in only 99 copies.

“10 years ago You moved from Vertu to iPhone and have never regretted it. Today we offer Swiss classics go on a Grand innovation Apple, dressed in perfect shape with Italian Caviar gloss from” call the jewelers.

Apple Watch’epoca USSR Commander released in a limited edition of 99 copies and offered at a price of 197 000.

The company is based Caviar Italian jeweler Elijah Giacometti. Decorated smartphone first introduced in 2001. With 2015, the Board moved to Russia.

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