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Collectors iPhone secret Apple factory in China receive an average of 50 000 rubles a month

The Bloomberg journalists who managed to visit one of the secret factories of Apple in China, found the salaries of collectors iPhone. According to the publication, on average they receive 4800 yuan (about 50,000 rubles).

During a tour of the factory Pegatron, located on the outskirts of Shanghai, reporters found out the conditions in which its employees work. Before you enter the area of the Assembly shop, every employee goes through a thorough inspection, during which revealed the device with the camera. At 9.20 local time staff shifts are arranged in four ranks for roll call, then start to work.

The most burning question concerned the conditions of work. As it turned out, there is a limit of 60 working hours per week, to exceed which they can’t. However, many workers seek to gain as many hours. However, after exhaustion of the limit pass the employee does not give him access to the workplace. For the control of working conditions is responsible specially designed computer system.

Average salary of shop floor on Assembly of iPhone is quite high for China. It ranges from 4 to 200 yuan (43 000 rubles) to 5,500 yuan (56 000 RUB.). The cost of iPhone 6 in China is about 4.5 thousand yuan (46 thousand rubles).

The Pegatron factory buildings cover an area equal to 90 football fields. There is also a private fire service, post office, police station and many entertainment venues.

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