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Collect or Die – when coin was more important than life

Of course, you know that there is a subspecies platformer, whose main task is to ruin your life. Perhaps, the examples go far (and indeed anywhere to go) do not need any “super-meatboy” he must have left on the ruins of your mind an indelible mark that will not Zapolarye even time. However, the reason we play, apparently, like to tickle your nerves. Well, if there’s a demand there’s supply. For example, in the face Collect or Die game about the superiority of the yellow metal over all forms of life.

You play as a guy trapped in a difficult situation: it is in some murky science center, where over people pose terrible experiments. Later it turns out what: man locked up alone with sharp saws, gears and peaks. To survive, the experimental needs to collect all the coins, remaining intact and (relatively) intact; then it is sent to another room, where the nightmare continues. Scientists (and you) watch the man in the lens of the camera – it confers cold detachment, and even some effect of horror: like a documentary in the middle of a private center.

In order to get out of the clutches of the inhuman scientists, you will have to work hard – and many times to die. Mechanics is simple – jump to the coins, once they “eat”, then again jump cut to the forks, arms, guts out… very sad. The complexity of simple games repeatedly reinforced by circumstances: the levels are littered with something sharp and unpleasant, and you in the middle of this Apocalypse – trainee engineer on the job. Any movement in the wrong direction – and now from a small, General, person, pouring rivers of blood; it seems to be a separate bet the developers have done on violence. As it happens in the lab, the game strongly locks your successes and failures – the death is here called “in the spirit Experience No. 1234: unsuccessful”, then the record is sent to the shelf, packaged, seem to be in a VHS tape – a slight hint of the time period where there are excesses.

The graphics, though simple-minded, but surely crash you are in the clear and straight lines, perfectly honed shape, a bright yellow coin and… lots, lots of blood and flying through the levels of the limbs. Probably a good thing that there were no detail – in this case, you’d have to remove from the screen more or less all.

Unlike most colleagues in the genre, this game is paid. Will cost you 149 rubles, but we still venture to suggest that these (small, even by mobile standards) Collect money or Die is definitely worth it. You get about 40 levels, where your character will be dissected many different ways – from amputation to complete annihilative. Yes, it is, of course, the usual time-killer and nothing more but something to Collect or Die there – as in all these games, when 140 times see before me the inscription on the loss, but somehow walk into hell on a 141 – win.

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