Collab as expected! Wylsacom jointly with MegaFon issued a tariff

Collab as expected! Wylsacom jointly with MegaFon issued a tariff

MegaFon made the first tariff in the world. For the industry, this is a step in an interesting direction. And we, Wylsacom Media, are doubly pleased that MegaFon took this step together with Wylsacom.

What kind of tariff?

The conditions are: 25 gigs, as well as unlimited on all social networks, some instant messengers and YouTube. We, after all, are from there!

Most people will have enough. Not only that, gigabytes will remain if they are not spent. But there is a limit of 100 GB.

Valya let us see his traffic for ten months. Unlimited YouTube in this case will definitely fall into place:

Collab as expected! Wylsacom jointly with MegaFon issued a tariff

List what exactly will not be charged!

Of course, our gracious YouTube. All so that you watch videos with Natasha, Ilya, Arseny and, of course, Wylsacom himself.

Traffic on social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Do not forget about messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, eMotion, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

Collab as expected! Wylsacom jointly with MegaFon issued a tariff

And what about the calls?

In Moscow and St. Petersburg give 500 minutes. In the regions – 300 or 400 minutes depending on the city.

What other chips?

A lot of them:

Once a month among subscribers we will hold contests and play gadgets;
You may have a chance to get a Wylsacom gadget consultation. Straight for true fans;
Tariff users will have the opportunity to vote on the subject of future Wylsacom channel videos;
Of course, you can easily distribute the Internet to your other devices from your smartphone;
The Piggy Bank, which I described above, allows you to save gigabytes that are unused for 30 days;
MegaFon Protection will protect you from connecting unwanted subscriptions;
Service "MegaFon TV". The basic package of TV channels will be available for free forever, and for a month they will let you try subscribing to the packages Amediateka, START and

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It is worth emphasizing that you will receive all this only if you become subscribers of our special tariff, which is being discussed.


How are we without them? Together with MegaFon, we will conduct exclusive contests only among subscribers of our tariff. For example, come up with a name for our tariff that you already use and get a chance to win the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

You can find out the full conditions of the contest in our application, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Collab as expected! Wylsacom jointly with MegaFon issued a tariff

In another competition, it is enough to enter the first thousand subscribers of our tariff. The prize is simple – royal stickers that you can stick anywhere. We will start sending them next week. To get them, you need:

Connect to the tariff;
Get a promotional code;
Go to our promo page;
Enter the promotional code in the designated field.

If you really are among the first thousand, then the sticker pack will soon be on your table!

How much will it cost?

The average price in the country is 450 rubles. You can find out the cost in your specific region on a special tariff page.

Who exactly does not suit the tariff?

People making calls for more than the specified number of minutes. We focused on YouTube – nobody can offer you this for sure.

But we live in the 2020 century, where the number of telephone conversations is steadily declining and everything goes to the Internet. Therefore, it was logical to make just such a tariff, which is convenient both for Wylsacom itself and, most likely, for you.

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