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Colibri: modern browser without tabs

The developers of the Colibri browser offered users a new concept of Internet surfing. They found that the panel with the active tabs clutter the interface and distract attention, so the programs all open sites are deployed in a single window.

In a modern web browser the role of the tabs takes on the category Links that the user can add any number of links to selected resources. Links can be combined in lists, filter and perform search on them. The browser has a high speed, but after Chrome and Safari to get used to it easy.

According to the developers, Colibri offers the easiest and fastest interface among all the web browsers on the market. This can be achieved only by getting rid of the tab bar. The user can view favorites in the large size, not being distracted by superfluous with the lowest use of resources” — say the creators of the program.

Download Colibri beta already Mac users. Just go to the developers website and specify e-mail address. In the near future release a version for iOS, Android and Windows.

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