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CLIKI: case for iPhone with a removable remote control [video]

The term “selfie” came into use to improve the quality of shooting smartphones. To photograph yourself from the “hand” on the phone has become not just fashionable — “selfie” became the craze: made in a similar way, the pictures in social networks spread like regular people and celebrities, famous actors and representatives of show business.

That’s just the process is not always convenient. And if you want to capture yourself with friends, it is possible to take a good picture becomes problematic. And here comes the innovative device from Cane Wireless.

Tiny gadget represents not that other, as the case with built-in remote camera control. Compatible with latest generation iPhone it allows you to take “selfies” being from the smartphone to a distance of 30 meters.

Working through a network of Bluetooth 4.0 remote CLIKI is detached from the case and allows you to free your hands during a selfie photo shoots. Does the remote from miniature batteries, period of work which will last for several years. The communication Protocol with the master device is characterized by low power consumption.

It is through CLIKI “selfie” can be done simply in the right place and setting the smartphone at some distance — photographing himself or herself in the company of friends. However, control video recording function miniature device also provides.

In addition to the mobile device camera CLIKI controls and media player. In this case, a single press will match the suspend/resume playback, double — switching of the track. This mini remote control can be fixed, say, on your bike handlebar for easy operation while riding.

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In addition, the gadget can be associated with a navigation application, flashlight, voice recorder and other programs that the smartphone owner uses in everyday life. When the iPhone is not used, it can be placed back into the case.

The cost of new items is quite affordable and is $ 50. Delivery accessory if successful, funding will begin in September.

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