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“Classmates” refused the introduction of fees for gifs in messages after a failed experiment

Social network “Schoolmates” after a three-week test decided not to impose a fee for sending the GIF images. It is reported by the RBC, which quoted a representative of the company Mail.Ru Group.

At the end of December some users “Classmates” I saw an ad with a proposal to purchase a service or for free to test it during the week. The social network has offered money to add GIF image in correspondence. Under the experiment were 10% account “Classmates”.

“GIF images are very popular in the ribbon, so we conducted an experiment to determine how important they are to users in messages, — said the representative of the head of “Classmates” Anton Fedchin. — Based on these figures, we took the decision to develop as a unique paid and free entertainment services”.

For a single sending fee was GIF 1 OK (internal currency of a social network, corresponds approximately to 1 rbl.), for one day use — 30 OK for your subscription on a month — 99 OK.

Users spent to send animated images, funds will be returned. The company did not disclose how many managed to gain the money for pay the shippment GIF.

The monthly audience of “Classmates”, according Mail.Ru Group, is 73 million users, that is, the experiment could relate to 7.3 million accounts. Thus the December 2016 users of the social network sent about 1 billion gifs a day, which is 133 times more than in 2015, said the representative of “Classmates”.

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