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“Classmates” launched a fee for using gifs in messages

Social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched a paid feature send GIF images in correspondence. This fact drew the attention of the employee of “Yandex” Eugene Cheskidov.

Some users “Classmates” today saw the announcement of the proposal to purchase the service or try it for free for seven days. The ability to send animated pictures in private messages costs 30 rubles a day, or 99 rubles per month.

Users can during the week to try the new service free auto-renewing subscription. While her classmates will be able to share GIF files attached to messages in a personal correspondence. Link to the GIF will be sent as before, without any problems.

Representatives of the social network confirmed testing a new feature. It is carried out on a small part of the user.

“Whether there will be a service like this, we will be able to tell when it’s finished. The results of the experiment will be judged the following year,” the company said.

So “Classmates” are experimenting with paid services to understand what formats of entertainment services to make a priority.

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