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“Classmates” boasted Handoff on iOS and Mac

The administration official group of “Classmates” told how to use Handoff, which allows you to synchronize data between iPhone, iPad and Mac. The feature is available for all devices with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, connected to the same Apple ID account.

Users can view the topic in the social network, for example on the iPhone and, when connected to one Wi-Fi network, it’s easy to open it on your iPad or Mac. At the moment, “Classmates” support for sections: correspondence, discussions, ribbon, guests, friends, grades, notifications, user profiles and groups, photos. In the future, the developers promise to expand the list.

“With the release of iOS 8, Apple has given its device function “Handoff”, which means “without hands.” Now all your devices where you are logged in to iCloud, will work simultaneously, without any unnecessary movements. And that’s fine! Because now you can easily switch from one device to another (from iPhone to iPad or Mac, or Vice versa), and the open and you are viewing the partitions OK will go with you.”

Classmates described the usability of the service Handoff: “for Example, you are driving home and looking at photos of your friend. Come home and you leave your phone in your pocket, pull out your iPad or Mac and continue to view the photos at exactly the point where you left off. Moving to another iOS device or Mac, you will see the application icon is OK, clicking on which you will be able to automatically open the previously viewed section.

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Note that Handoff does not always work correctly. In this case, you should disable and re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your computer and idevice. Sometimes it helps to reconnect to the same wireless network Wi-Fi. Finally, you can repeat the login procedure under one account. To do this in iOS 8 you need to go to menu Settings –> iCloud, and OS X Yosemite – System settings –> iCloud. As a rule, this leads to the required result.

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