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Classics new: review Fire Emblem Heroes

Few people reflect on this, but somewhere in the middle of 2016 happened, most likely crushing for the mobile market thing – it (the market) came to Nintendo. The authors of “Dandy”, Mario and Pokemon started, actually, with Pokemon – and you may remember what noise it was accompanied. At the end of the year, the Japanese rushed the bomb again: the hysteria around the release of Super Mario Run can be compared with the release of each part of GTA. Nintendo the speed to slow does not intend – for example, now we will tell you about the mobile Fire Emblem – another pillar of the Japanese giant.

Fire Emblem – cult for Japan (and sympathetic category of citizens of the United States and Western Europe) series of role-playing games. In the line came out more than 20 projects, and almost all were sold impressive numbers – I can appreciate the scale. The basis of Fire Emblem is very simple: you gather a group and fight with enemies. You need to take into account a million nuances: from the landscape to the mood of the fourth Archer. Each unit here is a complete character with their problems and hopes.

The highlights of the series successfully moved to the mobile version – you have a full story campaign, training mode and arena. With the first option, however, in Fire Emblem: Heroes came out a little worse than it could be: you play as a powerful mage who is able to summon help from his friends – in fact, they will be in your party. The army is needed to stop the heavy tread of the evil opponents; bring back the peaceful sky over your head should, of course, you. In classic Fire Emblem characters interesting – they each other fall in love, talk, argue, and complain about life. In Heroes everything is reduced to an extreme degree. Therefore, our way to the arena.

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You are fighting against troops composed by other real people – smart this is called “asynchronous multiplayer”. That is, you do not need to be smartphone, so guys anyone who got his ass kicked; how not to be an opponent to heroically lose your kids. As the size of the squad in the Heroes significantly reduced (up to four, in the usual version 16), you have both less and more space for tactics. Less because, in principle, less combinations that you can try. More – because Frank passengers need to drain overboard at once, and then long to choose between the rider on Pegasus and Archer.

As elsewhere, the game solves a lot of landscape, and your ability to use it – skillfully forced the river “paganic” can decide the outcome of the match; well placed Archer calmly sent him back the entire deck of the enemy. Do not forget about isolatie relationships: guys can impose on each other spells, so smart tactics and cooperation is the key to your good game in the arena.


Well, or a fat wallet – the most curious have already noticed that the game is shareware. For fans of Fire Emblem, it’s probably firing, but to dramatize it is not necessary – it’s not that bad. Yes, in some areas, and flying heroes, you can buy (for a lot of, by the way, money), and then dial in the troop of first-class fighters. But if you calmly and thoughtfully play – sphere will fall in your coffers in batches; do not forget about additional tasks. In the end, the “donut” not much pressure, and you have on your smartphone – rate strategy, for which you do not give a penny. It is definitely not the same Fire Emblem that can gobble up 200 hours of personal time, but for iOS and Android are more than enough that is.

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