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Classic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII will be released on iOS

Square Enix has announced the release of the classic game Final Fantasy VII 1997 for the iOS platform. Project for smartphones and tablets Apple unveiled at a press conference E3 2015 Studio producer Shinji Hashimoto.

Action Final Fantasy VII takes place in antiutopia fictional world, made in the entourage of science fiction with elements of fantasy. The game’s plot tells the story of how a group of environmental terrorists “Avalanche”, which includes and the main character cloud Strife, fights the mega Corporation Shin-RA, which leads to the depletion of planetary energy source. In the future, the characters are faced with greater danger to the planet and ourselves — the main villain of the game Sephiroth.

The mobile version of Final Fantasy VII will debut before the end of summer. The developers noted that the port of Final Fantasy VII for Windows on PlayStation 4 is delayed until winter. Previously, the release was scheduled for autumn this year.

On the Sony presentation at E3 announced a remake of Final Fantasy VII and showed her debut trailer. Above it will work the Director of the original FFVII Yoshinori Kitase, the designer Tetsuya Nomura and screenwriter Kazushige Nojima. The latter also participated in the creation of game 1997. A remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released first on the PlayStation 4.

Many gamers fear that the project may repeat the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The latter has been in development for over nine years, during this time, changing the concept, name and target platform, and still has no release date.

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