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Clarius has introduced its first portable ultrasound scanner for iPhone and Android [video]

Canadian company Clarius Mobile Health has introduced a new device, which it called “domestic medical device of new generation”. Novelty is a portable ultrasonic scanner that works in conjunction with smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.

Clarius ultrasonic probe housing is made of magnesium alloy and is powered from the internal battery. It acts as a visualization and control system, and the management is not much different from the iPhone’s camera. At the moment the gadget is awaiting certification of the office for sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (Food and Drug Administration; FDA), so that will go on sale later.

Clarius is convenient to carry, and automatic settings and intuitive interface to help quickly undertake diagnostic studies and perform procedures under ultrasound control, for example, conduction anaesthesia injection or sighting.

“The doctors asked me to create a portable ultrasound scanner, compatible with iPhone, says Laurent Pelisse, Chairman and CEO of Clarius Mobile Health. — It was a daunting task — to develop an inexpensive device that allows to obtain high-quality images, and compact enough to carry. Am pleased to report that we managed to create a product that gives you the opportunity to use ultrasound almost anywhere and thereby raise the level of medical care. It is as simple as the mobile phone’s camera”.

The cost of the device is yet to be determined. In the press release there is a phrase, which States that for the price of a stationary ultrasound machine (25 000-70 000 dollars) you can buy multiple scanners Clarius. Thus, expect that the novelty will be available is not necessary.

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In Clarius Mobile Health expects that the device will be certified soon, and its sales will begin in spring 2016. The product will be available in versions with linear or convex probe.

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