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Claims about the slowing of the iPhone in Russia received the first answers

Worldwide courts continue to accept and consider lawsuits against Apple. The essence of all claims one: manufacturer slows down your iPhone. In Moscow and Moscow region is expected to be around hundreds of such cases.

According to RBC, one of the plaintiffs was rejected in the trial. The court did not consider the statement which did not specify the price of the claim. Everyone who comes to the court with a similar error suggested to correct the defect until February 15, 2018, otherwise the claims will be returned.

About a year ago in iOS has behavior that slows down iPhone, depending on the battery status of the device. This was getting to know the users information got in the media. Apple apologized to users and said that the innovation is intended to prevent the arbitrary shutdown gadgets.

Tim cook apologized to the owners of the devices, because users have decided that this is done intentionally, and the service cost for replacement of the battery on devices without a guarantee was reduced from 79 to 29 dollars.

In Apple believe that the overall impression of the use includes not only maximum performance, but also a much longer lifetime of the devices. If the battery is chilled, almost dead or just worn out, it probably will not be able to provide the required current, so the device can be unplugged.

As a result, the manufacturer receives a lot of complaints in different countries. Russia was no exception, only in Moscow and the Moscow region has submitted more than ten claims, the account goes on tens of millions of rubles.

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Well as Apple became interested in using state bodies. In France, the company was accused of intentionally slowing iPhone with the aim of increasing the profits from sales of the new devices. There even came a law, which States that the intentional slowing down of technology is a crime.

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