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Chubais gave Navalny case for iPhone with e-ink screen

The head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais, after the debate on air of TV channel “Rain” gave the oppositionist Alexey Navalny case for iPhone. Navalny said in response that “Rosnano” unsustainable and “wrong” Corporation, but shook hands with his counterpart.

The debate Alexei Navalny and Anatoly Chubais was organized by the TV channel “Rain” after their altercation in the Internet on the subject of the ineffectiveness of “RUSNANO”. The program “Straight talk” led Ksenia Sobchak, the debate was divided into several blocks. In the first Bulk and Chubais answered questions leading. In the second round opponents were exchanging questions. In the third block of the program, they answered a few questions from the viewers.

At the end of the program, Anatoly Chubais took the diplomat with gifts Alexei Navalny, among which were the case for the iPhone with a second screen. We are talking about the project “Rosnano” on creation of the “Russian iPad”, which was never brought to the placing on the market and turned into the popSLATE case with an ink display for the iPhone 6. The case has its own battery and the display, which, as in the case of the YotaPhone 2, allows long to hold before the eyes of the SMS message, e-mail, incoming notifications, maps, charts, lists, or notes.

popSLATE is a partner with Plastic Logic, which RUSNANO in 2011 invested $150 million was Assumed that the money will be spent on the construction of the plant, which will deliver flexible displays for tablets Chubais is a Russian analogue of the iPad for students. The facility would be located in Zelenograd.

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In 2012 it became known that the construction was postponed indefinitely, and the company Plastic Logic, in principle, refuses to campaign for the development and production of its own tablet computers and e-readers.

However, Chubais did not consider this project a failure. Last month in his Twitter message read “we All remember our failure with tablet? But we still brought the project to commercial products.”

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