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Chronos – an accessory that turns any watch into a “smart”

The popularity of smart watches is growing every day. However, not all users are willing to give up their favorite classic hours in favor of “electronic gadgets”. Those who belong to these people, startup Chronos from San Francisco calls attention to its new development.

New gadget the American company is a small disc called Chronos. It is attached to the back side of the clock and sends the owner a “notice” with his smartphone using vibration. The device also allows you to control the activation of hours (if they are digital), playback music from your smartphone or reject incoming calls.

As noted by the editors Siliconrus, limited functionality makes it attractive for those users who want to manage your smartphone with the help of watches, but they are not willing to “get stuck” in the stream of notifications.

With Chronos, you can turn your favorite mechanical watch in the “smart” device — without buying expensive or inappropriate design choices. Observers believe that the new product will find its niche in the market — because many customers are not yet ready to abandon the variety and simplicity of mechanical models.

Technical project Director Luke Fromovitz previously worked in the Department of innovation at Samsung. The final price of the device is still unknown. On the website of Chronos now you can subscribe to the newsletter about the gadget.

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