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Chinese woman in clothes jumped into the icy lake over the fallen iPhone 5

An unusual incident occurred in Longtan Park in the Chinese capital. A resident of Beijing, accidentally dropped your iPhone in the cold waters of the lake, do not hesitate a single second (not even clothes) rushed into the icy water to save your gadget. In this case we are talking about the model four years ago.

Not everyone is willing to part with their phone even if they have to experience some unpleasant moments. The Chinese did not even stop the cold weather: instead of recessed to forget about iPhone 5, it jumped into the frigid water.

Due to other Park visitors, armed with cameras, in the Internet appeared the pictures from the event, which did not fail to discuss social media users. “Life is a precious gift, and the iPhone is just a thing, though not cheap. Reckless act!”, — about comments of that soon overgrown with published images.

Considering that on 18 February, the air temperature in the Chinese capital ranged from -2 to -9 degrees Celsius, the act of a brave Chinese girl is really starting to seem somewhat reckless. Does the iPhone performance after he’s been in the water, not specified.

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