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Chinese UC Browser is ahead of Safari in the mobile market

Mobile browser UC Browser of UCWeb, is a member of the Alibaba Group, took second place in the global mobile browser market ahead of Safari. According to an independent statistics company StatCounter, the share of browser is 17,42% against 16,38% in Safari.

The increase in market share was a result of the growing popularity of the browser in several countries in Asia. So, in India UC Browser for early October 2015 occupied 54,42% of the market, and Indonesia – 49,05%. The browser also ranks first in the market of Pakistan, where its share in October increased to 33,76%.

The first version of UC Browser for Java platform was born in 2004 and six years later was a version for iOS and Android. The program uses the compression of your pages using proxy servers and special settings to optimize speed and able to adapt to different networks and support the boot files.

As the developers say, the key features of UC Browser are cloud-based technology that provides compression of data by up to 60% to reduce the time of loading pages and save the cost of mobile Internet and localized content in each country where the company offers the browser. Qualitative localization and partnership with local content providers have improved the usability of the browser and increase the number of downloads. In December 2014, UC Browser reached 100 million active users.

The first place among mobile browsers at the moment is Chrome, its market share at the end of October is 35,85%, 1,47% more than the previous month. UC Browser holds second place with a share 17,42%, which is 0.6% more than the previous month.

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The Safari share in October was 16,38%, half a percentage point less than the previous month. Another popular mobile browser, Opera continues to lose users. Its market share decreased from the September of 13.32% to 12.54%.

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