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Chinese businessman at the reunion gave the classmates 39 iPhone 6s

The new year came a little earlier for classmates Chinese billionaire Shanga. In memory of a school friendship, the businessman decided to give his classmates for the iPhone 6s.

A businessman by the name Shang just brought 39 boxes of phones cost 5288 yuan (56 000) each. “Keep it as a souvenir as a souvenir”, he said. On the rear of each smartphone engraved with the name of the school Beilun Sanshan, where he studied the billionaire, and year – 1998.

Image donated devices with a commemorative engraving already hit the net, reports the website of China Central television. On the Internet the act of the rich Chinese caused controversy. Some believe that this advertising campaign, while others admire the gesture of a rich man. According to the iPhone 6s, Zhang not decided “to popontovatsya”, but in reality he is kind and a good person.

In fairness it should be noted that Zhang – not the first one who gives his classmates iPhone. Last year Chinese billionaire Qian Feng lei gave his classmates a gold iPhone 6, and those who came to the reunion a year earlier received from him the gift of the iPhone 5.

Generosity Qian Feng lei extends not only to classmates, but also to those who need help. So the media wrote about his large donations to the Fund to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan in 2008.

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