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“Chinese Apple” plans to release its own processors

Apple, Samsung and Huawei release their own processors for their mobile devices. This helps them to better optimize the hardware and to reduce dependence on third party manufacturers like Qualcomm, MediaTek or NVIDIA.

Xiaomi is also known under the name “Chinese Apple” in early 2016, plans to release its own processor for smartphones, reports GizmoChina. First, the chips of the company will be used in smartphones Redmi, the Xiaomi Mi flagship will continue to be based on Qualcomm solutions.

Processor Xiaomi will be equipped with cores with ARM architecture, the company has acquired all the necessary licenses for the production of chips from British ARM Holdings. In addition, the vendor has recruited Wang Xiang, former President of Chinese branch of Qualcomm.

It is assumed that the development of its own processor Xiaomi will help its partner — the Chinese company Leadcore. Thanks to their collaboration in the spring of 2015 Xiaomi could offer a new smartphone Redmi 2A at the most affordable price.

This is not the first time that there are such rumours. Similar information was published in August 2015. Interestingly, some sources report the contrary, asserting that its own production of processors is an expensive and lengthy process. However, experts believe that in the long run it will help Xiaomi to save money on the purchase of processors from other manufacturers.

Earlier, sources from the Chinese supply chain has reported that Intel has made a very attractive offer Xiaomi. For each processor for future laptops Xiaomi company receives a gift from Intel’s processor for tablets.

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