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“Chinese Apple” officially came to Russia

One of the world’s largest suppliers of electronics Xiaomi, which is often compared to Apple, and the Russian company “marvel” has signed a distribution agreement. Until the contract covers the supply of tablets from Chinese vendors.

In Russia the first official distributor of the Chinese Xiaomi. Mobile device Mi Pad, supplied to the Russian market “marvel-Distribution”, passed obligatory certification, the company provides warranty and after-sales service.

“Marvel-Distribution” is also involved in the localization and adaptation of proprietary platforms Xiaomi MIUI 6 based on Android operating system, and applications installed on the tablet vendor, said the Russian side.

The production of inexpensive but high quality and performance of devices has become one of the main advantages of Xiaomi, enabling them to quickly conquer a significant share of the domestic market and successfully enter the international level. That is why the issue of the cost of the tablet that begins to put the “marvel-Distribution”, was given special attention: the price of mobile devices will be competitive in comparison with the proposals of the companies operating under the scheme of “grey” imports.

“The company Xiaomi is not only one of the most successful and fastest growing startups in modern history. It is an important indicator in this segment of the global it market. Our task is to support the expansion of the brand, which has already gained wide popularity in the circles of people who are interested in innovation in the it sector”, – said the Director for strategic development “marvel-Distribution” Michael Fechin.

When in Russia will begin selling tablets Xiaomi imported through the official channel, not reported. It is also unknown when the product list will be added smartphones.

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Founded on 6 April 2010, Xiaomi is characterized by the production of high quality and relatively inexpensive gadgets. However, the company has been repeatedly accused of illegal copying others ‘ ideas.

Xiaomi referred to as “Chinese Apple” because it often borrows from its U.S. rival as the design and marketing moves. Company owner Lee Joon successfully copied the sales strategy of the Corporation from Cupertino: it creates an aura of exclusivity around its products. Thus, Jung borrowed even the clothing style of the legendary Steve jobs. The presentations of the company products he wears a black turtleneck, blue jeans and white sneakers.

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