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“Chinese Apple” has shown a smartphone with a flexible screen [photo]

The phrase “flexible smartphone”, many associated with Samsung, which has released a few models with curved on the edges with displays. In addition, according to rumors, the company is developing flexible and folding screens.

Today, however, the website Baidu was seen photos of flexible smartphone company Xiaomi, which can bend in all directions. More precisely, the pictures show it’s not the phone, and its screen. The authenticity of the pictures could not yet be confirmed. Although no signs of tampering are observed.

Shown in the photos the screen looks gorgeous. It features high contrast and saturation of the image and clearly indicates the interest in Xiaomi market flexible smartphones. Although fans of the products, “Chinese Apple” is unlikely to expect an appearance of such a product.

Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer interested in this market segment. Earlier own concepts of flexible smartphones have already shown, companies such as Lenovo and Oppo. In may, Apple received a patent for a smartphone that can bend and twist.

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