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Chinese-American company bought the concept of the iPhone 8 from Kyrgyzstan to create a real smartphone

In November last year, the Kyrgyz designer, known under the nickname Steel Drake, introduced the concept of the iPhone 8. The work caused a wide resonance in the Network: the number of foreign IT publications spoke about a conceptual gadget, but many users expressed a desire to purchase the device with a similar design.

According to the resource, concept phone will probably be released as a real product. As told by Steel Drake, he sold the work of Americo-Chinese companies. According to him, offers to buy design “iPhone 8” did quite a lot.

“Within a few months I wrote and wanted to buy the design, but offers or the amounts were not serious, and, a few months later, there was a man with a decent offer, and I agreed,” said the designer.

The concept design was bought from the developer this spring, however, to disclose details of the deal the designer was not allowed. The exact name of the brand, which will be released “iPhone 8” created by Kyrgyz designer, has not been disclosed, but it is already known that the phone will be slightly thicker than the original. Design is worked six months.

“There were many difficult moments in terms of requirements engineer and new technologies. However, despite this, the design has changed quite a bit. The phone will be released under a different name and brand of another company”, – said Steel Drake.

The designer said that the phone will cost cheaper than the Apple smartphones.

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