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Chief, all is lost. 4 function of the iPhone 8, which Apple does not have time to finish the release of the flagship

In the last months before the release of the new iPhone jubilee network, a wave of rumors about the difficulties with the development of smartphone. It is alleged that due to issues with the device delivery may be postponed indefinitely.

8 expect from the iPhone edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display, wireless charging, virtual Home button, double vertical camera and dual front module to identify the faces.

The characteristics of autonomy will increase, same goes for the sound and quality of shooting in low light conditions. But with design full of certainty yet, despite the abundance of “spy” shots. Except that the presence of wireless charging hints from the metal casing in the Apple will refuse and return to glass.

Of course, this is just a rumor. But the closer we get to the time of the September presentation of the new items, the higher the chances that it’s true. What a realization of what the iPhone 8 Apple is now the problem.

1. Wireless charging

Over the weekend a well-known journalist John Gruber wrote that according to his information, the function of wireless charging for iPhone, first, will be sold separately, and second, it will not be available immediately after the device. Supposedly the technology will appear in the update iOS 11.1 closer to the end of the year.

This week Fast Company sources have confirmed that wireless charging is a headache for Apple engineers. But the problem is not hardware, but software. They are usually a little easier to decide at the last minute, rather than problems with the hardware.

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2. Built-in display scanner Touch ID

Sources claim that one of the main functions of the iPhone 8 will have a fingerprint scanner built directly into the screen of the smartphone. Recently, however, there are different rumors that the feature will not be ready this year.

Apple still has time to Refine the technology. Yes, that Qualcomm and Vivo has recently announced a similar solution — inspires some hope that the company prospers. However, according to Fast Company, among responsible employees of the Apple begins to “spread panic” due to the fact that biometric technology is not working properly.

3. 3D camera to identify individuals

One of the most intriguing new features — a 3D scanner which will be able to identify the user to build a model of a person and “help” to do the best selfie. With its help, the iPhone 8 will have to unlock the operating system and authenticate users in applications.

But now they say that technology is not working properly and could be delayed or cause serious delays in the start of sales of the iPhone 8. The problem, and, again, software, not hardware.

4. OLED display

There are problems with the supply of OLED-displays. In particular, according to Digitimes, due to the lack of production capacity by the time of the announcement of the iPhone 8 will be ready in no more than 3-4 million units, which is very small for a successful worldwide launch.

Strictly speaking, OLED is not so revolutionary technology, and some companies years to release smartphones with OLED displays. The problem may lie in the production of the iPhone.

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It is likely that the problem with OLED screens emerged and because Touch ID integrated into the display panel. It is possible that for the creation of OLED displays for the iPhone 8 need a special production process.

5. What does all this mean for Russian users

If Apple is going to announce iPhone 8 in September and to start sales at the end of the month, but now, in mid-July, the production of smartphones should already be under way. Therefore an abundance of rumours about the problems with almost all the important functions of the iPhone 8 is very alarming.

If Apple really have problems, who are able to postpone the presentation of the iPhone 8 in a month or two, it means only that its premiere and sales start not in September, and in October or November.

However, if global problems, but there is only production and Apple just does not have time to produce by September, enough of the iPhone, it will always act as arrives in such situations. That is, will start selling in major markets, and the rest will wait a few weeks or months. This means that the cost of the iPhone for the first 8 buyers in our country may be prohibitive.

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