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Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

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Earlier this week we published an article about the key features of iOS that distinguish the operating system of Apple in the background Android. Today we will look at the pros of the software platform of Google, thanks to which it became the most popular in the world.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

1. The variety and availability of

Want to be the “king of the district” and to excite the minds of girls to your financial condition? No problem — buy the fancy smartphone under $1000 or even Android version of Vertu for $22,000. You need a dialer? “Google phone” for less than $100 will satisfy the basic needs of any subscriber. “Long lasting”, for women, with a giant screen and miniature, with the stylus protected from water and bumps, black, white, pink and a brownish speckled…

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

Thanks to the openness and availability of Android, the market represented a huge number of models running this OS that will suit buyers with any queries. Diversity is not any comparison with iPhone, the release of which deals with one company. Prefer iOS? Then here you have the choice of shovel or iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 in one of five colors. If the budget is limited, you can choose the 4-inch iPhone SE or any of the outdated or even the “beushnye” models.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

Freedom of choice is one of the main advantages of devices based on Android, which can not boast of any other existing mobile OS.

2. Personalization, flexibility

The diversity of Android devices is perfectly complemented by the almost as innumerable choice styles of smartphones and tablets on this platform. In the iPhone the greatest thing you can do to change the appearance of the interface is to change the Wallpaper and add widgets to the lock screen. And that’s all. It does not go to any comparison with customization “green robot”.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

On the Internet available thousands of different buttons, fonts, icons or entire themes, completely change the look of Android. If you wish so you can upgrade your smartphone every day in the course of the year, never it does not happen again. Some even modify the interface in style Windows Phone or iOS.

Not all shell for Android are of high quality. But still very worthy representatives, including from the world’s major phone manufacturers, on the Internet full. We add tons of widgets, extensive options for sorting icons, setting… all Without jailbreaking, which Apple is actively fighting, personalization, iOS has no chance against the power of the enemy.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

3. Full access to the file system

Even fans of the most ardent advocates of “Apple” platforms often recall with horror about having to use iTunes in order to throw from the computer to the smartphone even if the music. The only thing that’s allowed to do a simple drag and drop with the mouse, bypassing the need to go through iTunes to copy it is made for smartphone photos and videos. Particularly strong from the congestion and difficulties iTunes suffer from the owners of Windows computers.

In Android there is no hint of such problems. The device can connect to any computer and work like a flash drive. No third-party clients, synchronizations and torment. Drag and drop from phone to computer and back up any files both on the drive and not the supporters of iOS.

Moreover, many Android smartphones via OTG cable to connect a variety of peripherals, from mice and keyboards to storage devices.

4. Piracy

Many users believe that actually the value of the App Store tends to zero due to the fact that many of the application is paid, whereas for Android any program you can download without paying a penny. You can argue long about moral principles, but while our country the ability to download hacked app remains one of the biggest advantages of Android against the competition.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

Almost any program can be installed on Android device for free, even if Google Play ask for it at least one dollar or one hundred. It does not need almost no movements. Simply put a tick in the settings and sign up for one of the many resources with cracked software. All — welcome to the world of free pirated content.

In iOS also there is the possibility to install these applications through the jailbreak, however, it is associated with disproportionately great difficulties. Moreover, each new firmware version Apple closes the loophole and to find new sometimes take many months.

5. Software “chips”

As for iOS and Android has its own software “chips”. The operating system from Google a lot of them, will name just a few.

Beginning with “eight” platform Apple supports widgets, but their implementation pales in comparison with what Android offers. There is no need to open the day and flip through it to find the right widget. In OS from Google they can be put anywhere on the desktop and get the actual update without unnecessary movements. The same weather forecast, the user will see as soon as you look at the screen.

Multitasking in Android and iOS is implemented in different ways, with their pros and cons. However, Google offers a more convenient and familiar for users of computers system. Let it is bad for the battery life of the device, but offers a fair multitasking.

Чем Android лучше iOS: сравниваем мобильные ОС

Although the NFC in iOS appeared several years ago, it boasts versatility. In Android this wireless technology is used for a long time and even we can be claimed in the form of NFC tags. Not to mention Bluetooth, which is referred to by many owners of phones with a “green robot” on Board. Full implementation of the technology allows you to share music and other files between different devices.

In addition, there are many other small functional “buns” of Android, which quickly get used to. This enhanced camera features, and tight integration with Google services, and even such things as vibration when pressing on screen buttons.

Moreover, many of the features listed in the previous article about iOS, it is possible to implement in Android using third party apps. It will take time, will have to read the forums, reviews, to experiment, to make mistakes, to remove and to put alternative. This is one of the advantages of the system — the ability to sculpt anything out of it with different functionality, just “iron” does not disappoint.

* * *

If you could definitely say that one OS is better than another, in the world there would be one “best” platform. However, users still have a choice. Based on the needs, objectives, financial capabilities and personal likes, everyone is able to independently, without prompting to choose what he likes.

And iOS and Android develop, improve, grow, and which really must be confessed, become similar to each other. The good ideas are taken, mistakes are corrected, innovations, about which so like to speak, also introduced, albeit not as fast as before. One thing is clear — both operating systems are worthy of existence and from version to version better.

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