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Charging killer: every fourth adapter for smartphone life-threatening

Every fourth power adapter for smartphones poses a threat to human life. To such conclusion came the Management of electrical safety Sweden the results of testing 60 chargers.

The press release notes that 23% have serious technical flaws that in normal use pose a direct threat to life.

“Charge is in your gym bag after a workout and a little wet, or you dropped it on the ski slope. This situation, which may arise from any user, enough the device has become unsafe to use. The result from discomfort to death,” said the technical expert the management of electrical safety Sweden Mikael Carlson.

Of the 60 tested battery 14 does not meet the technical requirements. Many of them are assembled from poor materials which makes them a fire hazard.

“Braid the cords of these devices contributes to the fire. 12 devices braid flammable,” said Carlson.

Due to the large range of charges for the Management of electrical safety can not control the whole electronic market.

To protect yourself from accidents, experts advise to refrain from buying adapters in questionable stores. You should pay attention to branded products such as original Apple adapters. Often online stores sell the charger without packing on the grounds that they are no longer used.

High market prices also gives no guarantee. Mikael Carlson cautioned consumers about the use of charging at night. According to statistics only 25% of users adhere to this rule. So every month at least one fire caused by a night of charging smartphones.

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