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Charger Elago M4 will turn your iPhone into the Macintosh 128K

The company Elago released the original charging station for iPhone, which looks like a Macintosh 128K, introduced on 24 January 1984.

Elago M4 for iPhone looks like one of the main computers in history — it has even a tiny cut, reminiscent of the drive.

Unusual charging works with all 4.7 inch models of Apple’s smartphone. When you install a gadget on the platform, the screen of the mobile device acts as a display for the Macintosh.

To prevent damage to the display and the housing of the smartphone, Elago entire body M4 is made of soft silicone, which facilitates the process of installation and retrieval of the iPhone.

The dock, which visually turns the iPhone into a smaller version of the famous Apple computer is available for $29,50 for purchase on the manufacturer’s website.

Macintosh, presented by Steve jobs in 1984, was the friendliest, most computer user of the time and the first of them suggested that full-fledged graphical interface. Now it has become a subject of search of many collectors.

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