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Chapter VVK: Apple will lose to Chinese manufacturers until they change the pricing policy

Chinese businessman Duane Yongping, founder of BBK Electronics Group and Subor Electronics Industry Corporation, said the reasons for the decline in sales of Apple in China.

BBK Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in China and the owner of brands Oppo and Vivo. A few years ago, heard about them, mainly the people of China. Today, however, they are the five most successful manufacturers of smartphones. And in China they were able to force Apple to leave the top three for the first time in years weakening their positions.

Both the Chinese brand, according to IDC, in 2016, entered the world top 5 the number of sellers of smartphones. In the Chinese market is the leader of the OPPO, and Vivo occupied the third place.

According to the head of BBK, the reason why the company has managed to surpass Apple, is that Oppo and Vivo to employ a strategy alien to the American Corporation. In particular, they produce affordable smartphones with very attractive characteristics. Yongping absolutely sure that Apple will not change its pricing policy, as it may negatively affect sales of its devices in other countries. However, this approach makes it impossible for the leadership in China.

According to Samsung, Apple is a very stubborn company that continues to sell in the Chinese market is overrun by cheap attractive models, the iPhone at prices comparable to the us.

Himself Duane Yongping calls himself an Apple fan, he is also the owner of the shares of the California giant.

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