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Chapter Fitbit: we do not feel competition from the Apple Watch

To date, the Apple Watch are the most popular and best-selling “smart” clock. However, in the market you can find another type of wearable devices – fitness trackers and sports bracelets. James Park, head of the American company Fitbit, known for its wearable technology, explained why his company is not afraid of competition with smart clock Apple.

In an interview with New York Times Park said that Apple is fundamentally wrong idea of what should be a wearable gadget, and what is the activity tracker.

According to a top Manager, Fitbit specializiruetsya on the creation of activity trackers. These devices perform the basic functions. They monitor user activity, count the number of steps taken, calories burned, and perform other tasks on monitoring physical activity. The main difference between the electronic bracelet Fitbit from the Apple Watch is that “simple and easy”.

Apple, according to the head of Fitbit, tried to fit in Apple Watch everything at once. A complex operating system with an unfriendly interface, many features — is not the best way affects the price and the perception by users of the Apple Watch, said Park. Fitbit, by contrast, offers a wide range of convenient trackers for each price segment. Among the wearable devices of the company can be found models cost from 50 to 200 dollars.

James Park is confident that the emergence of “smart” watches Apple has not affected the sales of Fitbit devices. He believes that the gadgets his company and Apple Watch offer different ways of use and is designed for various market segments. A similar statement previously made by the founder and CEO of Jawbone, who also felt that they work in different segments of the market.

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However, the leader Fitbit recognizes that the success of the trackers his company is partly the merit Apple. In 2011 iPhone 4s was released with support for synchronization with third-party accessories via Bluetooth 4.0, which has opened up new opportunities gadgets for monitoring activity.

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