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Chapter Beeline supported the rise in mobile Internet and refuse from unlimited tariffs

The cellular market will grow only by increasing the cost of mobile Internet, said the head of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin. The operators need to abandon unlimited tariffs and cheap bundled offers with high volume traffic, he says.

According to Kommersant, in the fourth quarter of last year revenue of Beeline has decreased by 3% compared with the same period in 2014, to 71,75 billion rubles, while in 2015 — by 1%, to 278,4 bn Nor Vimpelcom Ltd (which owns VimpelCom), nor its Russian “daughter” is not voiced expectations for revenues in 2016. But Slobodin sure that the negative pressure will increase, including because of increased competition and forced reduction of prices for services. He sees one source market growth — mobile Internet. However, its value is now very low, believe in the “Beeline”. So the market was growing, unlimited calling should be solved forever from the proposals of the operators, subscribers often do not need voice services, or additional, he said.

The “Beeline” and other operators “the big four”, there is no unlimited tariffs for mobile Internet. However, the company explained that meant also cheap package deals, including a large amount of traffic.

“Beeline” is the largest size of a data package in the Moscow region on the tariff plan “All for 1800” — for the same amount in rubles per month in the range of services includes 30 GB of traffic. MTS has a large amount of traffic included in the tariff Smart Nonstop (unlimited Internet at night and 10 GB a day for 500 rubles a month). In the tariff “the Megaphone” “All inclusive VIP” for 2700 rubles, the subscriber receives in addition 10 GB of 3G and 4G Internet. The most severe tariff Tele2 “Sorcery” for 1199 rubles. a month the subscriber receives 15 GB of mobile Internet.

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In Tele2 agree that in Russia, cheap cellular, voice and Internet. “Now the majority of subscribers consume cheap bags with a small amount of the included traffic. If the needs of subscribers will grow, they will move to a more expensive package that will lead to the growth of the market”, — said the representative of the operator Konstantin Prokshin. The market can grow through partnerships with companies from related fields and other dopuslug, he said.

The only company that provides the mobile Internet service unlimited — “a daughter” “the Megaphone” “Skartel” (brand Yota). “Mobile operator with a growing client base and quality technological infrastructure can expand the portfolio of services and offer clients additional, for example, financial services”, – noted there.

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