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Chapter Acronis on cooperation with Apple Singapore and prospects of the Russian “Elbrus”

Founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov, Acronis in an interview with “Vedomosti” reported on the partnership with Apple, the Singapore miracle, the executions of Lee Kuan yew and future prospects “Elbrus”. Belousov recently moved to Singapore, but continues to maintain contact with Russia where we live and work programmers.

About the company:

“We never said that we are a Russian company. We produce software in Russia. In reasonable countries is important, not who owns the shares and is not selling software generally and to the software produced in the country. I tried many times to explain: the most important thing – where is intellectual property and who controls it. Intellectual property – when you write code, it from your computer is placed on a server, where it is stored, tested and, when it’s a view, going into binary code and apply. Five actions. If all this happens in Russia, intellectual property controlled by Russia. Even if a shareholder – some malevolent Agency of a hostile country and it will tell the Russians in Russia do something bad, he will never do, because that will violate the laws of Russia and jailed him. And Vice versa. If Russia controls the American who does the same thing in America, that would not violate the law of their country. Perhaps there is some group of people that wants to earn money on the production and sale of some good software just for the reason that he is Russian. We say – we have more than half of the engineers in Russia. The software, which is sold in Russia, written in Russia. He’s going to Russia, etc.

About the substitution:

– If you make laws, as now the authorities are going, they will be almost meaningless. To make the software level Microsoft or Acronis hard and long, the Russian market is small and so these laws will not function. Can we now use to manage Sberbank for example “Elbrus”? Only the savings Bank will cease to function fully.

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On revenue Acronis in Russia:

– Less than 3%. It is stable, because the RUB is growing strongly – but the ruble fell. She had nearly double, but this will not happen because of course. But she can never be great, unfortunately. Russia is a big country, but our sales correspond to the number of people, the size of the economy. Russia gives a small percentage of world GDP, here lives a small percentage of people. Even if Russia suddenly becomes a world power, which will be directly competing with China, due to the fact that little people, Russia’s GDP is not very large.

On cooperation with Apple:

“We are in talks with everyone from Apple, Microsoft, VMware, Dell, Lenovo, HP. Our software protects your data, and therefore, his property is to be between platforms. There are Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat, Google – and we must support them all. We are going to release mobile software, we have already delivered software for mobile access. We support Mac.

We have a partnership with Apple, but all of the partnership with them is quite typical. More serious partnership with Microsoft. We are working with Apple to promote their new technologies and ensuring that our software was correctly represented in the App Store that we maintain a correct version of their iron. Parallels with them a deeper partnership, but I can’t disclose the details. But also quite formal, the Apple is a tough organization, the rules are often more important than people. Almost no exceptions.

Apple, like Singapore, very pragmatic, a means, and programmatical. Partnership with Singapore is possible only for a particular program. The programmes operate, but no superspetsialny relations is not possible to establish.

About the brain drain from Russia:

– I even on this thread once a bad joke — that we should close the borders. People slow-going, see what will happen. While it’s a small trickle. For companies involved in intellectual property, there are both pros and cons. The downside is that people feel uncomfortable. The advantage is that people become less cost and more work. Because no other exits, so they are more willing to work in companies with sales all over the world involved in the creation of authentic, original intellectual property. So while quick no outflow.

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About Singapore:

– Singapore is such a huge Corporation: all homenajea is well-designed KPIs, the authorities are actively using consultants. This is a very well-functioning Corporation, although very large. And including so radically change in the next 10 years in the country is unlikely. Historically, Singapore’s political system is not quite the same as in other countries. It is based on the presence of a leader who knows very well the state send. Elect a real leader of the democratic vote. Public opinion at that, though controlled, but soft enough. Imagine a system that is absolutely affordable. But at the head of one party is absolutely charismatic and energetic speaker. If on the other hand has no such leader, the first party will always win, despite democracy. And in this case Lee Kuan yew was such a specific figure.
We hope that this system can function without such a strong leader like Lee Kwan Yu Because political stability is a very important component of Singapore. However, it seems to me that nothing will change for a long time, because he had built it so that nothing has changed, and the system of checks and balances functions very well.

About the meeting with Lee Kuan yew:

– Yes. It produces amazing experience. I met with bill gates, and Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, and Steve jobs. Now Lee Kuan yew was impressed by the wisest man. I met him twice, he was already very old, he was 86 years old. But almost any question he definitely gave some insider nontrivial idea. To understand the extent of his insider, just read his latest book, the opinion of one person on the world. I liked his pragmatism. The fact is that the world is filled with romance, ethics, religion, politics. Them people use to cover up specific actions. Want something to take away – I must say that you are a bad, broke the law, it’s ugly from the point of view of ethics. And Lee Kuan yew were always very pragmatic reasoning.

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Lee Kuan yew said that his system is not applicable to Russia, because it’s a big country and it required the ability of regions and other entities to make effective decisions independently. If independence is not, will be ineffective. To any system differ to the extent applicable control. If there is little control, the system will collapse if too much, it will not be effective.

When Lee Kuan yew restore order in Singapore, he was rather cruel. The percentage of the affected population was very high. To me this statistic is unknown, she carefully erased from the Internet, but its probably possible to find somewhere. It is very many were expelled, imprisoned. What did Lee Kuan yew, was a kind of pragmatic action, and although hard. Much tougher than what we have observed in Russia. But it is considered good. But after that time has passed.

— He’s putting more of your friends.

— He planted different people. Trees are felled, the chips fly, and in this sense, it is also pragmatic. If you read his statements, he simply says: if the plant is sometimes not put those. If we shoot, sometimes we don’t shoot those. But what to do.

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