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Change your Apple ID password right now

According to experts Сsoonline, hackers compromised 40 million accounts on iCloud. The data were obtained by stealing databases of other Internet services. In that case, if the user match the password with the Apple ID, there is a risk to remotely lock iPhone and iPad.

Some owners of iOS devices have complained that their gadgets were locked using the function “Find iPhone”. Unknown is also sent to the victims of the message with a ransom demand for the Russian language.

Two years ago, two Russian citizens were arrested for participating in a similar Scam: they also blocked Apple devices and extorted money. After their arrest, everything seems to be settled — until today.

While it is not clear what exactly is happening. Most likely, the fact that the victims used the same password in different accounts. Not so long ago several major services, including LinkedIn, MySpace and Tumblr, leaked database of passwords. And some number of their users have already suffered from the habit to use the same password in different places.

If the cause is still in the password, what can you do to protect your precious iPad or iPhone? First, we need to change the old password. To do this, open Apple ID settings and find the tab “Security”. Here you should select “Change password” and enter a new combination.

So far you have not closed security configuration, activate two-step verification. Thus you will ensure yourself an additional layer of protection from hackers. The function is designed to enhance the security of online services the Apple and is designed to protect user data when using accounts Apple ID and iCloud for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

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