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CCRecord: how to record video from iPhone screen “one-click”

Recently gaining popularity of the record screen of mobile devices. Users often prefer to watch video instead of flipping through screenshots. People read less and watch more of the instruction and reviews in video format. Such records are called screencastle.

To create screencasts on iPhone you need jailbreak and a new application CCRecord. According to the developers, this add-in should be the most user friendly app in its category. To start and stop recording “one-click”.

If you have some specialized application and can teach others or want to capture the passage level of the game, you should use CCRecord. The application adds the button with the camera in the iOS control 10. In order to start recording video, you can call the panel and press this button. You can now run any application program will record all your actions with the device.

To stop recording, again, call the control room and press the button CCRecord. Wait video and then go to the standard Camera app – here you will have to wait for the new movie. You can watch it and decide to leave it or remove. The screencast is saved in H. 264 MP4 format, so you can easily perform the installation video or send it to other users via iMessage, mail or social network.

CCRecord an independent app and is separate from Display Recorder and other analogues. Unfortunately, the utility does not allow you to record sound and comments via built-in microphone iPhone. For this you need to use another software, FOR example a standard voice recorder.

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