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Caviar solved the main problem of the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”

Brand of luxury smartphones, Caviar has introduced a series of iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”. Unlike the original models, the special versions of the devices protected from scratches and fingerprints.

This year Apple has released a unique model of the iPhone 7 in the brand-new black color. In fact it turned out that the new product has a significant drawback: the black glossy surface of smartphones leaves a completely all marks and fingerprints after contact with her, and is easily scratched. Brand of luxury smartphones has decided to resolve this problem, creating a series of exclusive designs that allow you to beat the shiny black color of the body, and yet not keep it on unsightly fingerprints.

In a new series presents designs from different collections: model Atlante Russia, devoted to Russia and is made of composite black onyx stone, which has special properties – multiplication of government and give convincing speeches, a collection of models Titano – strong, courageous designs, created in tandem of carbon fiber and titanium.

In addition, in a series of published model Tesoro Oil dedicated to the richness of oil production in Russia. And, finally, presented a new model Costellazione (“Constellations”), which features a model dedicated to the constellation Leo.

The design of the smartphone is made in combination of titanium with satin-finished, three-dimensional engraving technique of the Renaissance and genuine leather black. The uniqueness of the phone lies in the fact that the thin titanium patterned web is 21 full cut diamonds forming the constellation Leo. The brand presented a similar version without gems.

The cost of iPhone varies from 7 202 000 rubles for a model with a memory of 32 GB to 295 000 rubles for the version with 256 GB.

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