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Caution – gadgets: why Steve jobs didn’t let his children iPad

Steve jobs never allowed his children to play the iPad, and judging by the results of studies of the University of Michigan, the founder of Apple was absolutely right. It turns out that parents of children with the most sensitive and whimsical nature regularly gave them use of an iPad to calm down.

More and more modern parents are trying to reduce the time spent by their children at the monitor. Steve jobs was a case in point. Its technological austerity illustrates the fact that jobs ‘ children were unable to access the iPad, which hit at that time sales records. According to the biographer of Apple founder, every night Steve jobs children gathered around the table to discuss books and history. No one used a computer or tablet.

The study interviewed 144 children from families with low income (family of Steve jobs obviously did not belong to this category). The purpose of the study was to identify the probability of receiving child tablet in different situations. The result was a connection between ill-bred children and those who gets their hands on the iPad.

“We found that when loss of control children and frustrated parents often tend to calm the naughty child, giving him the iPad”, — said the head of research Dr. Jenny Radeski.

It should be noted that in this context, the iPad is a collective image of all tablets, including devices running Android, although the “green robot” in the report not a word was said. In addition, the focus of the study on causal relationship, and not the contention that the iPad affects the child’s behavior.

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Another important aspect, which should reflect the parents — how they use mobile devices around children. In public places can be often seen parents who are smartphone or tablet while ignoring their children. More common are cases, when the tablet goes to the child just so the parents are not distracted and did not prevent them to go about their business.

However, it cannot be denied the benefit of educational apps and ignore the fact that the gadgets in schools are gradually replacing classic textbooks.

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