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Microsoft has released a new app for email-Send correspondence

Most e-mail applications support the function of combining messages in threads. However, the user usually does not see all the correspondence, and the previous message is necessary each time to...


Apple lost one day $66 billion due to a sharp drop in shares

Apple’s market capitalization fell by $66 billion after announcing the company’s results in April-June 2015. During OTC trading in the U.S. stocks of U.S. corporations fell by 8%. Today’s trading...


Sales of iOS devices for the first time exceeded sales of Windows-based computers

Sales of mobile devices operating system iOS has exceeded the overall sales of Windows-based computers, said on Wednesday the analyst firm Andreessen Horowitz. Over the last 12 months by July...


In Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad built in 128 GB of memory [video]

Most users keep their smartphones valuable information and many use cloud services for backup. However, when there is no access to the Internet, nice to have backups on local storage....


Media: due to low demand, the suppliers are overcrowded components for the Apple Watch

Stocks Apple Watch component remain high due to lower than planned demand for “smart” watches, reports the Taiwan resource DigiTimes citing sources in the Apple supply chain. Producers hope for...


Roskomnadzor has warned about possible blocking YouTube because of pirated copies of “the Teacher”

Roskomnadzor said about the possible introduction of video hosting YouTube in the register of copyright violators. According to the Ministry, the page with videos of the series “Fizruk” and “Chernobyl”...


Apple and Samsung lead in the global smartphone market, Xiaomi for the first time was in the top 5 producers

According to the report of experts TrendForce, in the second quarter of 2015, Apple has taken the second place by quantity of the sold on the world market of smartphones....


Apple has tapicerowane record number of defectors from Android among iPhone users

Getting a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone, Apple could not quarterly reporting conference to lose sight of the factors of this success. The volume...


LG begins sales in Russia smartphone G4 Beat LG G4 S)

LG begins sales of the new smartphone LG G4 Beat (G4s) operating on the basis 5.1.1 Android Lollipop. The gadget, designed in the style of the flagship LG G4 and...


i0n1c revealed details of a vulnerability in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 jailbreak

An expert in the field of computer security Stefan Esser, known online under the nickname i0n1c, has disclosed details of a vulnerability in the operating system OS X, the exploitation...


Apple returned the streaming music for “Home sharing in iOS 9

Apple has kept his promise and removed the restriction for Home sharing,” which appeared in the iOS 8.4. With the release of the fourth beta of iOS 9 technology again...


Found a way to update public beta iOS 9 to iOS 9 beta 4 without developer account

Tuesday released the fourth beta version of iOS 9 with performance optimizations and changes in the interface. A public beta version of “nine” not yet published in the open access,...


Apple has enough cash reserve to “buy” Belarus and Ukraine

Last quarter Apple earned a record $10.7 billion compared with $7.7 billion in the same period a year earlier. By the middle of 2015 disposable capital of the U.S. consumer...


The Chinese are ahead of Apple with the release of the smartphone with the Force Touch technology

ZTE during a presentation in China showed a new smartphone Axon Mini. Features of steel 5.2 inch display and a fingerprint scanner. But the main highlight of the smartphone is...


Top 10 most popular smartphones in the world headed by two models of Apple and one Samsung device

The iPhone 6s has become the best-selling in June 2015 according to the results of research from Counterpoint Technology Market. This is stated in the analytical report of the company....

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