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Casio has released a new smart watch G-Shock compatible with iPhone [video]

Casio has started selling new models of watches compatible with iPhone. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 devices Edifice EQB-510 and G-Shock GPW-1000T syncs with your smartphone to exchange data.

New watches are another confirmation of our thesis that the recent Casio does not create anything new, and the implementation of a Bluetooth connection does not find the device manufacturer’s proper development. The ability to communicate with the iPhone are limited to quick time setting the second time zone on the additional indicator at “3 hours”, the notification of the incoming smartphone calls with the help of the vibration signal, the synchronized search smartphone when pressed in hours corresponding button. The same set Bluetooth options was implemented in the first model using this technology.

In addition, Casio EQB-510 has a chronograph/stopwatch, designed for 24-hour measurements, and daily alarm. And the speed indicator was replaced retrograde pointer day of the week, which “moved” to the top of the dial. The aperture of the date is moved to the left side of the dial and is located about 8 o’clock. There is an automatic calendar.

Like EQB-500, the new model is powered by solar battery technology Tough Solar. Water resistance is 100 meters. The design of the shell used a special technology, neutralizing the negative impact of vibration on the watch mechanism.

New Casio Edifice on a kind of tradition is presented in three versions: EQB-510D — with housing and cast stainless steel bracelet, EQB-510DC — steel case and bracelet are black ion plating and a special version of EQB-510RBM.

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Model G-Shock GPW-1000T, in turn, clad in a titanium case and receives the GPS signals and radio wave time-calibration. The prototype is a model GPW-1000 hybrid timekeeping system. Major components, including the rim and the caseback is made of stainless titanium. Keeping the durability, performance, and special metal design G-Shock watches weigh about 10% less GPW-1000. The frame is made of hard alloy designed to protect this component hours from scratches and other mechanical damage.

Watch Edifice EQB-510 already went on sale at the price of 299 euros. The device is compatible with iPhone 4s and newer models, as well as all older iPad third generation. Mobile Casio Watch+ app is available for download in the App Store.

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