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Cash Apple Pay proves Apple hasn’t lost its attention to detail

After many boring iPhone, a large number of errors in the updates, awkward products, like the Mac Pro and Magic Mouse, it may seem that Apple has lost its attention to detail. But the design of Apple Pay Cash proves that it is still alive and well.

Five months after Apple Pay Cash was presented on WWDC 2017, the function first appeared in November, the seventh public beta version of iOS 11.2. It gives the owners of iOS devices the ability to send money to friends via iMessage using card registered in Apple Pay.

The new product competes with existing services in exchange of money, like PayPal and Venmo. But Apple Pay Cash stands out from the competition with ease and incredible attention to detail.

Beautiful card

The money received with Apple Pay Cash automatically loaded to the virtual card. It can be used to make payments and withdraw funds to your Bank account.

This card is black with shiny bubbles that change color and mimic the transfusion, when the user tilts the device. This effect makes it look real.

The same transfusion can be seen in the application iMessage, when you try to send someone money. Video published by a former Apple designer, showcases the beauty of the new “features”.

Perhaps adding such effects — the desire to return to the skeuomorph, the elimination of which the head of Apple design jony Ive and his team were doing since iOS 7.

A skeuomorph is a design principle when one product is given the appearance of another. Apple practiced this approach throughout its history, diligently copying of individual software elements from real products.

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