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Cases of terrible nightmares that turn your iPhone into horrible mutants

For the iPhone user’s worst nightmare can only be theft favorite device. But to protect yourself from this unpleasant situation very difficult. Thieves are waiting and in transport, and in bread lines, and in large shopping centers. Sometimes even a closed on all locks bag does not protect from theft. But one craftsman has invented such iPhone case which steal the gadget did not even want.

American artist and dental technician named Morgan Loebel think about how that can save the expensive smartphones from pickpockets. And he realized – it has to be something that will scare the robber. Thus the light and a design covers that turn phones into horrible mutants.

The Infected — fits iPhone 5, 5s and SE. Glowing eye and maggots. Available now. #ooak #phonecase #bigeyes #dentalhygiene #dental #instagram #iphone5s #etsy #facebook #morgansmutations #morganloebel #greeneyes #decay #cabinfever

Video posted by Morgan Loebel (@morgansmutations) Jul 26 2016 6:39 PDT

Made of polymer clay, rubber and epoxy resin covers-monster Morgan look very realistic. Terrible yellow teeth, wrinkled skin and nasty drooling and his eyes always looks at the enemy with anger.

So if you are afraid for your iPhone, you should look into the store with Morgan Loebel on the website Etsy. With this case you can be sure your iPhone is safe.

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