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Case the next iPhone will be made of “liquid metal”

The developer of the eponymous innovative Liquidmetal Technologies signed with Apple, the cooperation agreement a few years ago, but the fruits of their collaboration are still not visible.

This week, the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. has published a patent that reveals Apple plans to use liquidmetal (“liquid metal”) in a future iPhone. Under this name lies a titanium alloy, Nickel, copper, zirconium and other metals. Patents often allude to the application of developments in specific products, but in this case he clearly indicates that future models of the iPhone back panel will be made of innovative alloy.

“Liquid metal” in its structure similar to glass, this material is very durable and resistant to corrosion and has a high wear resistance and recovery. It is also well suited for use in moving elements, such as buttons and switches in mobile devices. At the time, Liquidmetal created for Nokia and some Motorola accessories for smartphones.

Due to the properties of the “liquid metal”, building the next iPhone will have a high resistance to wear and resistance to mechanical damage, in particular, it is nearly impossible to scratch. In addition, the alloy characterized by high strength, tactile sensations it is similar to glass.

In the patent Apple describes a method of applying a coating material on a metal substrate by the method of microalloying, which opens wide opportunities for designers and constructors. Company engineers also describe the technology of colouring of the structure of the impact-resistant material in different colors.

A patent was registered by Apple in the third quarter of 2016, i.e. relatively recently. Official presentation of the new iPhone 8 will be held in September this year.

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