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Case-Selfly drone for iPhone taking a selfie from any point [video]

In the field of drones, the most popular recently got the models that allow users to take selfies from any height. This new development was the drone Selfly, which is not only compact, but also because it serves as cover for the iPhone. Thus, a drone to capture the selfie will always be at hand.

Hagai Klein ten years he worked as a dentist in Israel. But the real passion lies not in the oral cavities of their clients — Hagai loves to design. “I would work one hour a day, while the remaining six have to spend anything to collect,” he said.

In the end, the hobby has won a profession — and Klein resigned from the clinic, went on Kickstarter with a project cover for the smartphone, which with one click can turn into a miniature camera-equipped drone.

The device is called “SELFLY” (“Selfie” + “Fly”) and it is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 latest models Galaxy S and Nexus 6. Selfly consists of two parts: the mount and the drone, which in assembled form is on the back cover of the smartphone. By clicking on a special button, you can “detach” the quadrocopter, and then to decompose it.

Selfly thickness — 9 mm, so together with the iPhone 7 and she will be nearly 17 mm. Amount of material, but to carry your smartphone in your pocket still has to be comfortable.

Quadcopter it is equipped with a stabilization system, that is, he is able to hang in the air, to the pictures on the camera were blurry. Matrix resolution camera — 8 megapixels, Selfly able to record video in Full HD resolution and a rate of thirty frames per second. Battery charge is enough for only five minutes, however, according to the creators of this enough to shoot a decent number of selfies in one night.

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Controlled drone, like most counterparts, via a smartphone app.

The cost of case-Drona — $99, order it through Kickstarter.

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