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Case PhoneDrone Ethos will turn iPhone into a quadrocopter [video]

A modern smartphone is a portable multi-function computer. Developers quadrocopter PhoneDrone Ethos decided to use this fact when creating a new flying device. Made their “case” is a shell that is literally “inspires” the user’s phone.

On kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter startup xCraft successfully collects funds for the establishment of a quadrocopter, which uses the smartphone as “brain”. In just 48 hours the company was able to attract the stated budget of $100 000.

The thoughts of the developers PhoneDrone Ethos was moving in the following direction: if the communicators have a powerful processor and sensors, the user does not necessarily pay for the same sensors installed in the drone. So they did the Communicator main flying device.

The smartphone is placed in a special compartment of the drone and acts as “stuffing” of the device. In xCraft believe that the set of sensors and the performance of the smartphone will be enough for a full functioned gadget. Due to this, the device is cheaper than its competitors. The smartphone also acts as the drone’s camera.

PhoneDrone was developed by a company from Indiana xCraft who already have experience in creating similar products. To get started you must download the free smartphone app. It can be used to pre-enter the route of the drone for Autonomous flight or control his movement through other smartphones and tablets on iOS or Android. Management can be performed and with the help of Apple Watch.

PhoneDrone Ethos can fly for about 20 minutes, the maximum speed is 53 km/h. Besides the possibility to control the drone over Wi-Fi, users can view streaming video from a “flying smartphone”, recorded by his camera. It is also possible to install the Follow Me mode in which the drone will hover above the user’s device from which he controls the drone.

To pre-order the novelty can be priced at $235. Deliveries will start in September 2016.

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