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Case manufacturer has unveiled the design of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8

The manufacturer covers Ghostek published a gallery of images for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 enclosed in the waterproof case company. On its website the firm offers a waterproof case Atomic 3 for the still unannounced device. Given the presence of a range of the cases, doubt remains even less.

It is not a secret that Samsung intends to seriously upgrade the design of the Galaxy S8. And the render shows a design elements new. Dismiss the images Ghostek fail: accessory makers often get early access to designs not yet released devices. And the company may well be aware of the design of the Galaxy S8.


In the images the device looks similar to a recent rendering, although differences exist. While questions remain concerning the outbreak of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8, dressed in waterproof case Atomic 3, equipped with a curved on both sides of the screen, occupying almost the entire front panel and has no home key under the screen. Led flash the smartphone is missing.

Fingerprint scanner not both the front and rear panel of the Communicator. But it may not be visible due to the use of the built-in screen optical module. And all these facts are well within previous rumors about the Galaxy S8.

The cost of the case Ghostek that boasts protection from water and mechanical impacts, is $ 60.

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