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Case L7 Case allows you to accept payments with Bank cards via iPad mini

The company announced L7 case for the iPad mini, which turns your device into a terminal for accepting payments with payment cards. The new product is called L7 Case.

Now the owners of a mini-tablet Apple can make transfers to the credit card, turning the device into a miniature cash register. After registration and submitting the Bank account, it is enough to place the gadget in the case of L7 Case and you are ready to receive financial payments.

Your device has a proximity reader Square. The creators of the service argue that Square is the most accessible of all other similar systems. The Commission on each transaction when using credit cards is just 2.75% plus 15 cents.

L7 Case for iPad is designed for P2P transfers and includes a full set for your business payments. A special application that sends a digital signature, which can after some time to keep track of the goods purchased. In addition, customers will be able to determine how much money they used and when. In addition, you can read the records of commercial companies, was through the Square.

According to the developers, tablets in cases L7 Case can be used in shops, restaurants, cafes in the consumer services — wherever there is a need for a mobile means of accepting payments.

Case compatible with iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. To preorder L7 Case can be priced at about $ 100.

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