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Case HandyCase allows the user to “see” your fingers through the iPhone and iPad [video]

The company HandScape has developed a new way of interacting with the iPhone and iPad. Traditionally, the touchscreen is the primary control device, but the company’s engineers decided to give sensory abilities protective case.

Smart case HandyCase recognizes the touch of your fingers and displays them on the screen of the iPhone and iPad, as if the plate was transparent. The device can recognize touch at several points that will allow you to implement the various control functions via rear panel – zooming and page turning to camera control and operation in the browser. The case operates from the internal battery and connects to your gadget via Bluetooth.

In HandScape say that such type of interaction between humans and mobile gadget is very handy and intuitive. In addition, the case allows you to protect the device. It supports the manipulation of one or two hands.

The developers are confident that this input method would be ideal when working on the operating system level. When using covers HandyCase on the screen of the gadget will display a virtual model of the hands, allowing you to understand how the fingers are on the back side. This function will work by identifying touch points. The transparency of the virtual hand, users will be able to change at their discretion.

While there are just a few sample apps, but the creators of the new hope that their product will be interested in third-party developers. The use of the accessory involves refining BY adding a special API.

Those who wish to become owner HandyCase can support the participants of the project on the site Kickstarter. For 40 days they hope to raise $100 000. To order accessory is priced from $99 to $149 depending on the model.

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