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Case HandScape, allowing the user to “see” your fingers through the iPhone and iPad, raised funds on Kickstarter

Last month MacDigger wrote about the case HandScape, which allows the user to “see” your fingers through the tablet. Since that time, the developers have created a version of products for iPhone and iPad, and has organized a fundraising for the serial production of the gadget on Kickstarter.

HandyCase recognizes the touch of your fingers and displays them on the screen of the iPhone and iPad, as if the tablet was transparent. The smart case is able to detect touch at multiple points, allowing to implement a variety of management functions through the back panel cover from the zoom and page turning to camera control and operation in the browser. HandyCase itself operates from built in battery and connects to your gadget via Bluetooth.

Product developers declare that such type of interaction between a human and a mobile gadget is very convenient and intuitive. In addition, the case allows you to protect the device. It supports manipulation of with one or two hands.

The company believes that this input method would be ideal when working at the operating system level. When using HandyCase on the screen of your device displays a virtual model of the hands, allowing you to understand how the fingers are on the back side. This function works by determining the touch points. The transparency of the virtual hand, users can change at their discretion.

Recently updated SDK that is expected to attract more game developers, and apps wishing to utilize the capabilities of an unusual case in their projects.

Just three weeks HandyCase managed to raise over 130,000 dollars, which for a stock exceeds intended target in the amount of $ 100,000. In addition, the company, the creators of the product completed its first round of private financing, raising $ 2 million.

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The cost of cover HandyCase for iPad and iPhone start with 100 dollars. The appearance accessory market is expected in the second quarter of 2016.

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