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Case for iPhone 6 Plus from’adore Gold worth 25 more of the smartphone

Designers countless of the most incredible accessories for iPhone. Few of them dare to take the phone from Apple jewelry, but these creatives are. The cost of such covers can easily exceed the cost of the device itself.


Jewelry house’adore Gold presented a luxury case for iPhone 6 Plus, made of pure gold and decorated with diamonds. Accessory from the Californian brand is offered in a single copy of the online trading platform Etsy.

The case appeared in the sale of iPhone 6 Plus is made of 117 g of yellow and white gold and decorated with three kinds of diamonds at approximately 2.65 carats. For exclusive jewelers asking $19,500 – 25 times more expensive than the most affordable iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple is not the first time attracted the attention of jewelers. Previously designer Anita Mai tan in honor of the Year of the dragon created from 18-carat yellow gold case The Dragon, decorated with the figure of a dragon and encrusted with pavé 2,200 colored diamonds with a total weight of 32 carats.

Donned your iPhone in this chic case, it can be worn as a necklace. For girls could impress your friends such exquisite and expensive jewelry, the designer worked for 16 months.

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