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Case for Apple Pencil from Appostasy will make the accessory more functional and secure [video]

Stylus pen Pencil for Apple iPad Pro has become one of the best accessories of 2015. But despite all advantages, the device is characterized by a number of design flaws relating to the protection of the stylus against undesirable mechanical impacts. To solve this problem the company released a multi Appostasy case titled PenSe.

The case is made of anodized aluminum, its surface is scratch resistant and thanks to 14 neodymium magnets it can be easily attached to directly to iPad Pro Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard.

The developers have provided PenSe cap and built-in adapter, which makes charging the battery of the Apple Pencil in the way much more comfortable and safer. Finally, the case can be used with conventional fountain pen or other stylus universal.

To raise funds for the production of PenSe, Appostasy launched a project on the site Kickstarter. To 25 February, the developers plan to raise $32 000. In return for a donation of $39 or more the amount you will receive PenSe selecting a suitable color: silver, space grey, gold, pink, red, blue or purple.

PenSe really can solve some of the problems associated with the transportation and charging Apple Pencil. Let’s hope that in the near future we will see more interesting accessories for the device.

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