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Case COVR Photo iPhone 6 allows hidden shooting [video]

Few dare to openly shoot people on the street, in the subway or at public events. But sometimes this is impossible. But the case with “spy” lens COVR Photo allows without fear to remove anything on the iPhone, not afraid to draw attention to themselves.

Almost everyone reading this, has ever been in conflict due to the fact that he was photographing a particular object or person that supposedly cannot be filmed. In most cases we are talking about the arbitrariness from the side of banning. However, it is always better to prevent conflict than to prove their own innocence incompetent security guards or police.

Case COVR Photo iPhone 6 may be useful in two cases. First, it is possible to use the smartphone for inconspicuous shooting, you have to turn your device into a hidden camera. After all, when the phone is in your hand, you hardly anyone will suspect that you are at this moment making a video or taking pictures. And for the more convincing you can download a free app that will simulate a screen saver on the screen, and then everything will look as if you are reading an email or open sites.

Secondly, with built-in mirrors COVR Photo allows you to hold the iPhone horizontally and at the same time to take photos or record video. This is convenient because you don’t have in the process to hold the phone in front of him – after all, if you have time, it’s quite exhausting.

The developers of the original accessory raise money for its production on Kickstarter. The device is compatible with the iPhone 6 and will sell at a price of $ 75.

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