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Cars KIA in Russia received the support of Apple CarPlay

A number of cars of KIA Motors for sale in the Russian market, will receive a new multimedia and navigation system with car support Apple CarPlay. This is stated in the statement of KIA Motors.

Car support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are provided in the car lineup in 2017. In the list of models – Optima, Sportage and CEE’d in certain configurations. Their sales in Russia will start in February. New on-Board system will be installed and updated crossover KIA Soul since the beginning of sales of this model in Russia in the last month of winter.

New on-Board media center KIA is based on the 2-nuclear processor with clock frequency of 1 GHz and has 1 GB of RAM. The multimedia system has an improved touch screen with a diagonal 7 or 8 inches and running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The media center will provide full support for Apple CarPlay. The software interface allows Apple to use the on-Board computer in combination with the iPhone for calls, navigation, listening to music, sending messages, reading email, etc. the Control is performed using buttons on the steering wheel, touch screen or Siri.

Additional free services navigation system will allow you to obtain information about traffic jams and weather in real time, to carry out search of objects (gas stations, restaurants, sights, etc.) on actual basis through the Internet. Data on the traffic situation loaded over Wi-Fi using a smartphone connected to the multimedia navigation system of the car.

Among other features of the new onboard system manufacturer selects the Bluetooth for making calls in the speakerphone mode and listen to music, as well as the ability to connect gadgets via USB.

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The readiness to adopt modern automotive platforms Apple and Google have said many automakers. However, not all the giants decided to follow the trend. Earlier, Toyota has officially refused Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Cars next-generation Toyota plans to use the interface a little-known company Telenav.

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