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“Carl is the king of beetles”: a new look at an old genre

King of Bugs begins with a deliciously-cute cartoon: a colony of ants living on a Magical tree, endure misfortune: the wind blew their wooden house, throwing on the lawn in the middle of a spooky forest. A little shook himself, the ant king Charles understands it’s not good. Circle incomprehensible and aggressive beetles, but you have to Wade further: somewhere in the distance, maybe the ants will find a new home.

After the screen saver begins meticulous, but the classic tower defense. Even insulting – scrolling video, no nonsense, decent mid DreamWorks, the developers include amusing, but already seen the formula. However, pessimistic thoughts quickly changed for the opposite.

There is a small map, somewhere in the corner crouched ant king, it leads to the two (three, four) ways, and on the lawn – plenty of places for defensive towers. Giving to spend two hundred resources, the game is called, “produces a freak”: the screen fills nasty bugs of all kinds.

Here, the developers – we must pay tribute – well done: many enemies. There is a weak but fast, there is a slow but tenacious, is tenacious, but weak, there is a quick, tenacious and wildly strong – usually come at the end of the level alone.

To stop this siege insects are different guns: a total of four species. “The machine gun” fast beating projectiles at enemy shell, but serious damage will bring, classic gun gets hurt, but slowly, catapult ready to reach others via antennae polkarty, but folded in the melee, and “snail-gun” turns beetles moving in slow snails.

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To shuffle the Arsenal interestingly, the beetles climb ahead and not every game ends in a positive result. Have to improvise and often change tactics: to put snails in the far corners, ditch the king of machine guns, and slingshots to place in the middle. Sometimes the strategy is winning, but more often not – before the last beetle would fall in battle, you not once, not twice lose.

The chances of winning can be increased in the store, buying upgrades and spectate. First improve the performance of weapons, others help to break in the middle of the battle: for example, the Strait of fire projectiles. Of course (of course!) for most upgrades have to save the crystals or (or!) to buy for real money. The form of comments already cringed, waiting for the reader’s anger, but note: King of Bugs – shareware game, so she can.

What else? Well, King of Bugs devilishly handsome and charming: how children’s cartoon in which for some reason insects are active hostilities. The bugs turned out to be quite nasty to empathize with ants – they unequivocally positive guys, and feel sorry for them.

Levels at King quite a lot of Bugs and, importantly, they are linked by a narrative; here, of course, no plot or story, but, overall, it’s clear where everything goes. Good move – tower defense long been suffering from a drought of ideas; at least something new.

The game is certainly worth recommending to fans of the genre, or bystanders; like, most likely, all.

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